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Who is Casa Limpia?

We are a brand focused on offering cleaning solutions that are accessible to everyone. Based on a refill concept, Casa Limpia eliminates packaging waste and can reach a much more comfortable price for the consumer, also reducing the environmental impact generated by single use plastics.

The model is based on refilling containers at the Casa Limpia points of sale. The different products offered can be served in plastic bottles that consumers can reuse again and again.

Hand in hand with a network of more than 1000 entrepreneurs in the region, Casa Limpia has the dream of generating a refill culture, expanding access to high quality cleaning products and bringing well being to all families.

Start Your Own Business!

Casa Limpia offers you an incredible opportunity to have extra income, with high quality products, extremely competitive prices for your customers, and attractive profit margins for you as an entrepreneur.

To start your business you only need a location with a high influx of people, an initial investment to buy products and have a winning spirit. We support you with advertising material, promotional actions and an instruction manual to generate high product turnover from day one.

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A Sustainable Business Model

Single-use plastic products can be synonymous with convenience, but the damage they cause, as well as the waste generated by their manufacture and distribution, make them a major threat to the environment and human health*.

Casa Limpia offers a sustainable solution, where by generating a culture of refill and reuse of packaging, within the population of influence of our points of sale, it is possible to reduce the waste generated by the home care category.

In addition, Casa Limpia is a platform that generates employment that brings prosperity and income to thousands of entrepreneurs in the region, becoming an ecological model with economic sustainability.

*United Nations Environment Programme