Baby Care

Wet Wipes

Lucca wet wipes are made with extra soft fabric for the best skin care. Its water based formula cares for and protects your baby, while effectively cleaning up even the biggest disasters.

Baby Diapers

Lucca SuperSec diapers have fabric like coverage that protects your baby's skin. Its powerful absorbent gel in the center, keeps it dry for longer and its anatomical shape prevents accidents and provides greater comfort.

Baby Shampoo

The formula of Baby Star Shampoo delicately protects your baby's skin, gently cleansing hair and body. Chamomile is gentle on your baby's skin and takes care of the natural color of your hair color.

Baby Diapers

Bebin Super FlexiSec stands out for its functionality, since it has an ultra absorbent layer and Maxigel system, which traps liquids. Plus, it has a humidity indicator so you know when to change your baby.